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Electric Boilers

The benefits of an electric boiler from Thermsaver Heating Solutions


The dramatic rise in energy prices has resulted in an increase in the popularity of electric boilers powering central heating and hot water systems due to the lower running costs with the use of peak avoidance tariffs.

The introduction of these high efficiency electric boilers to the Thermsaver product range addresses some of the issues raised by spiraling energy prices and climate change. These boilers are eligible for competitive electricity tariffs nationwide which will help to keep the running costs at an affordable level.

Electric boilers provide a very cost effective alternative to electric storage heating, oil, solid fuel or LPG systems.

Our electric boiler range is not only suitable for wet central heating but also for underfloor heating.

In the long term, electricty from renewable sources is the future for central heating and hot water systems.

Electric Boiler Benefits

  • No flue required
  • No fumes
  • Greater than 99% efficient
  • Economic running costs
  • Can provide central heating only or central heating and hot water
  • Can be used for underfloor heating
  • No annual safety certificate required
  • Preferential electricity tariffs available

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